Courses and Talks

Lent Course 2017

We will be using John Pritchard's book "How to Pray".
If you would like, you can purchase this book for £8 through the course.
You can attend all or just individual sessions, as you choose.
Please just come along if you wish to attend an individual session.

Lent Course 2016

This course is over.

This year we are following a course based on the film of the musical "Les Miserables.

There will a showing of the film on Sunday 7th February at 2pm in the Church Centre.

The course will be on Wednesday evenings (8pm to 9.30pm) and on Friday afternoons (2pm to 3.30pm), the first sessions being on Wednesday 17th and Friday 19th February

The course will use the book "Another Story Must Begin" by Jonathan Meyer.

Through discussion of some of the themes and principal characters of this epic narrative, the course explores the grace of God and our own fallen state and opportunity for redemption, and helps us to reassess what we can do with our lives and for those around us.

The course is based around five weekly group sessions:
• Fantine and Cosette
• The Bishop of Digne
• Jean Valjean
• Javert
• Redemption and Salvation

Jonathan Meyer is priest-in-charge of St. Mary the Virgin in Ewelme, which was used as the residence of the Bishop of Digne in the pivotal moment in the Les Miserables movie. He has since run a successful Lent course in his parish, on which this book is based.


Lent Course 2015

This course is over.

This year we are following a Lent Course based on the book "Long Road to Heaven" by Tim Heaton and based on the film "The Way", the story of one man's journey on the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella, as he comes to terms with the loss of his son and a new understanding of their relationship.

The film stars Martin Sheen and his son, Emilio Estevez, who also directs the film.


The course will start on February 25th with the showing of the film, followed by the next five Wednesdays. There will be two sessions from 1.45pm to 3.15pm and from 7.30pm to 9.00pm - please sign up for which ever session you would like to attend, although if you need to swap between them one week please feel free to do so.




The Aldhelm Certificate

This course is over.

This course entitled "Faith in Godf's World" has been prepared by the Diocese of Salisbury and has been written by members of the Diocese and Sarum College.

The course which will be running over the academic year from this September onwards.

We shall be meeting on Wednesday evenings at St Michael's Church Centre from 7pm to 9pm, and each term will consist of 10 evenings.

There will be a break in October while the talks on the work of chaplains will be held, and also for about four weeks in Lent next year when we hope to be running a series of talks on prayer.

It will be challenging but very worthwhile. If you are interested please contact a member of the ministry team.

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