School & Community

We offer a ministry to schools in the parish and there are close links between members of the ministry team and both first schools as well as the middle school which is a Church of England voluntary aided school.  Both clergy are familiar faces in the schools. We are also actively supporting the rebuilding of a community youth centre.


School Links

Hayeswood First School
Colehill First School
St. Michael's Middle School

Reverend Lorraine McGregor is Business Manager at Hayeswood First School. She also runs weekly ‘Open the Book’ assemblies (see link) with a team of members of the congregation. The children from Hayeswood visit Church for an annual Harvest service.  Both Lorraine and the Vicar lead assemblies each term.

The Vicar is vice chair of Governors at Colehill First School and leads assemblies twice a term in addition to an annual Easter service in Church. He is also involved in other aspects of the life of the school. Reverend Lorraine McGregor also runs a weekly ‘Open the Book’ assembly at this school. Both schools make Church visits as part of their RE curriculum each year as well as other occasional visits. 

The Vicar is an ex officio member of the governing body of 
St. Michael’s Church of England Middle School which has a total of four foundation governors from St. Michael’s congregation who are al linvolved in the day to day life of the school. The Vicar holds a Church assembly for each year group of the middle school each term and leads two whole school assemblies termly as well as being involved in other aspects of the life of the school. The clergy provide a link with Beaucroft Special School through occasional Church visits as well as visits to school by arrangement.


The Reef Youth and Community Building

The Vicar and members of the congregation are also involved in the management of The Reef Youth Club adjacent to the school as well as in the plans for its rebuilding.