The Sudan & South Sudan

Yambio Cathedral Members of MU at Yambio
Presentation of  a chair to St. Michael's Bishop Peter visits St. Michael's
Motor Bikes & Cycles presented by Wimborne Deanery Praying before Worship
A welcome at Karika Classroom at Diocesan Primary School

Left - from the top

Yambio Cathedral

Presentaion of a chair to St.Michael's

Motorbikes & Cycles presented by the people of Wimborne Deanery

A welcome at Karika

Right - from the top

Members of Mothers' Union in Yambio

Bishop Peter visits St. Michael's

Praying before worship

Classroom at Diocesan Primary School

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For over 30 years, the Diocese of Salisbury has had a strong partnership with the Sudan, which, until July 2011, was the largest country in Africa (about the size of Europe) and one of the poorest of the world’s nations. It has now been divided into 2 countries - Sudan in the north & South Sudan in the south.   For the last few years the southern part of South Sudan has become a much more peaceful place after the 40 years of civil war but continues to struggle to move forward.

As part of this partnership, the Churches in the Wimborne area have a link with the Yambio Diocese in South Sudan and St Michael’s has a special relationship with the Deanery of Karika, within the Yambio Diocese.

The Diocese of Salisbury, this deanery and all at St Michael’s seek to provide practical support through raising funds and ensuring that the money gets to the right people. In particular, we are helping towards the cost of building primary schools & providing training for teachers. On their part we have asked for prayer for us in the UK.   We support the Sudan through prayer, email and visits, where possible, and by remembering them at the start of our Parish Eucharist each Sunday.  View the
Salisbury Sudan website or the Diocese of Yambio website.

South Sudan


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