Remembrance 2018

This year marks the 100th anniversary year of the cessation of hostilities in WW1.  Armistice Day also coincides with a Sunday this year.  
At St Michael’s we will be having our usual service prior to the Act of Remembrance at the War Memorial, followed by the Peace Service for the Uniformed Organisations, which happens each year.  
This year, however, we wanted to put together a project involving the whole community, and inviting community groups and organisations to get involved in whatever way they feel moved to do.

Pebbles can be painted in any medium and be any size.

Remembrance Rocks Above: Photo Credit: Lou Thomlinson: #Derbyshire Rocks

Painted pebbles to be delivered to the Church Centre at St Michael’s by
1st  November 2018.

Painted pebbles for cairns at other venues to be delivered according to the arrangements there.


Doves must to be delivered to the Church Centre at St Michael’s by
1st November 2018.

You are invited to add the names of family members who fought and/or died in a war with some detail (date, place, etc) on the doves.  Writing can be inside or outside.

You can also write a prayer for peace on the dove.

Doves must be white – no colours or coloured-in doves.

There are two styles of Doves available.

There is a printable version - please use the instructions from Arty Crafty Kids,
but click the red link below for the printable as this provides a larger dove than Arty Crafty Kids. P
lease make your peace doves white.

Large Peace Dove Template


Or a paper plate version, as illustrated below, click on the purple link for template.

Paper Plate Dove Template

Templates can also be obtained from the parish administrator, please e-mail: 

One of the ideas is to the collect 100 stories of WW1 from Colehill residences
- their stories don't have to be about Colehillians, but if they did, even better!

We would love to have any copies of photos you wish to share with us too.

Stories can be e-mailed to
with the subject Remembrance Stories


Image Credit: Designed by Freepik:

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