Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals

These services are arranged with the clergy.  We reserve the right to decide who should conduct a particular service in the light of their other commitments. We do not necessarily agree to requests for a particular member of staff to lead a service. 



Baptisms are conducted on request for those who live in the parish.  Baptisms for those who live outside of our parish are considered on an individual basis.

Children who are too young to profess the Christian faith for themselves are baptised on the understanding that they are brought up as Christians within the family of the Church. We do therefore expect that parents will bring their children to some services before the baptism so that they are truly members of our community. It is also a condition that parents, and if possible godparents, attend a preparation session before the baptism.

Baptism services are normally conducted at 11.30am on designated Sundays but can also be conducted as part of the 9.30am Parish Eucharist by request. No baptism is refused on the grounds of marital status of the parents. 

Please contact the Revd. Suzanne Pattle:
Telephone 01202 883721


There is also some helpful information on the Church of England Chirstenings website.


Arrangements for Marriage

Those who wish to marry at St. Michael’s will normally be resident within the parish, or be able to show that they have a Qualifying Connection with the parish. The clergy are always pleased to be consulted with regard to marriage, and are happy to offer advice in individual cases, in particular those seeking re-marriage after divorce. Please speak to one of the Clergy if you wish to discuss further. Alternatively please go to our Forms page where you can provide some initial details of your enquiry.

Discover all you need to know about Church of England weddings and blessings at


Funeral Arrangements

Funeral arrangements are normally made with the Funeral Director. We are happy to conduct a funeral service in St Michael's Church, at the crematorium, or at a cemetery as appropriate.


Other information is available on the Church of England website.

The clergy are always willing to explore other pastoral services as appropriate eg. wedding anniversaries, Thanksgiving for the birth of a child. Please contact us for more information.

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