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** Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, Open the Book is not taking place at present. **

'Open the Book’ is an initiative by the Diocese of Salisbury to bring well-known Bible stories to younger children in an imaginative way.

A small team from St Michael’s, led by Reverend Lorraine McGregor, visits Hayeswood First School and Colehill First School once a week to take an assembly, and twice a term we visit Beaucroft  and tell stories there as well.

The format is always the same – an introduction is given to the story that is to be told, then comes the telling of the story, and then finally there is a short reflection and prayer that the children may join if they wish.

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The way the story is told varies from week to week, but it is usually a simple, dramatic presentation with the others in the group narrating and acting or miming the story, and most weeks it also involves several of the children as well, who are always enthusiastic about taking part.

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The schools believe that ‘Open the Book’ provides the children with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of religious stories through an active, drama based approach as well as allowing them to learn alongside other members of the community. It has made biblical stories and themes relevant, exciting and accessible to the children.

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At St Michael’s, we believe that it is an imaginative way for our Church to engage with these children and with the wider community.

Visit the Open the Book website to find out more.

What the Children think of Open the Book

I LOVE open the Book assemblies. I'm really disappointed when we miss them. 
They are the BEST assemblies, my favourite.

Esme, Hayeswood First

We like the costumes we dress up in, and the fact that we can take part and join in!
Tristan and Hayley, Hayeswood First

I really like watching it, I don’t like to join in, but I really like watching it.
It’s my favourite assembly. It’s sometimes funny.

James, Hayeswood First

I like Open the Book because they get us involved and tell the stories in an interesting way.
Madeleine, Hayeswood First

They are better than some assemblies. I likes the plays
Amelia, Colehill First