Coronovirus Update: It is now possible for both weddings and funerals to take place in the church (with limited numbers) from 4 July. 

A funeral service marks the end of a person’s life, and offers time for family and friends to come together to express their grief, to give thanks for the person’s life, and to commend them to God’s love and care. Every funeral is personal. They vary from small, private ceremonies to large occasions with many people attending.

Funeral arrangements are normally made with the Funeral Director, who will then contact the clergy.

If you live in the parish, it is our privilege to conduct your funeral service for you, regardless of whether or not you have attended church. Equally, you can ask for one of the clergy to take a funeral at a crematorium or cemetery chapel.

If you are facing the need to plan and arrange a funeral, we would be pleased to help and support you for as long as you need us. From the moment you are put in touch with us, throughout the funeral, and for however long you need us afterwards - we will be here for you.

A Church of England funeral is available to everyone, and can offer time to say a final goodbye in a way that really helps.

Clergy are also available to anyone in the parish who might have questions about their funeral plans, especially when it comes to thinking about the service. It can be very helpful to loved ones if their family member has given thought to their funeral wishes prior to their death. The clergy at St Michael's consider this to be an honour and most important part of their ministry to the whole community, regardless of church attendance.

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