Online Worship Resources

The Coronavirus Crisis has led to the suspension of public worship. To find out what them means for us at St Michael's please click here.

On this page are links to a variety of resources to help you maintain your worshipping life.

Online Streaming "Live" Services

Online StreamingEach Sunday you can watch our service live from St Michael's Church at 10am on YouTube, alternately, you can watch at later time at your convenience.


Worship at Home

This booklet (Click Here) contains worship resources for you to use at home. There is a form of Morning Prayer and Night Prayer, which Suzanne uses when she says the daily offices at 8am and 4.30pm. Please join in prayer from your home at those time if you can.


Sunday Worship

If you are unable to watch our service on YouTube and would like a service pattern to follow, please click here.

Monthly Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary

Click Here for our Monthly Prayer Diary




Prayers for When you Don't have the Words

Some Prayer resources about the outbreak - click here.

A World Ablaze - Prayers for Difficult Times by ROOTS.

'Pandemic' - a prayer by Lynn Ungar.

A prayer by the Corrymeela Community.

This is also a time of prayer so you might find this short video helpful. Click on the arrow to start the video.

For a series of reflections on mental health please click here.

Psalm 139 is Lorraine's favourite psalm. This is a recording made by the choir on the 10th anniversary of Lorraine's ordination of a choral version of the psalm. Click here.


Resources to Help Children & Young People Worship at Home

Child ColouringBible Podlets -These simple podcasts from Blackburn Diocese Board of Education offer Bible study and discussion suitable for all ages. Each podcast is 15-20 mins long. Click here to visit their website.

Church@Home from the Diocese of Bristol have some great weekly sheets to worship at home with thought and activities for all ages of your family. Click here to visit their website.

Bible Chat Mats these are fantastic chat mats from Diocese of Bath and Wells. The Bible Chat Mat allows people of all ages to read the Bible and have conversation together. The sheets can be coloured and doodled on, allowing you to respond to the Bible story in your own unique way. There are twelve mats available.  Click here to visit their website.

Godventure - The Godventure blog has lots of creative and interactive ideas for worshipping and exploring faith at home. Click here to visit their website.

LD-circleScripture Union Resources - Scripture Union have produced some great resources for children -  bringing you daily activities, videos, tips and advice to help you engage children and young people in the Bible and prayer, along with regular content to support. Click here to visit their website to find out moreMAKE AND PLAY has daily craft and activities - click here for more information .INspire has great ideas to engage children with the bible - click here for more information.  Both Mark and Play and INspire are available to follow on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.


Roots Worship & Learning Resources for the Whole Church


ROOTS is a partnership of denominations and other Christian organisations and has been publishing lectionary-based worship resources online. They are offering their resources free to all during lockdown. ROOTS provide resources for both adults and families - click here.


#FaithAtHome with ROOTS

Resources for families with school aged children to use at home. They are offering a range of materials to use at home, exploring a different theme through the words of St Paul, the first person to write extensively about the life and mission of Jesus. Click here for #FaithAtHome with ROOTS resources.


Christian Creative Colouring Resources

Gnome and Frog have seven free downloadable printable faith based colouring pages for free. Click here.
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